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06 Apr 2016
New GPS tracker offers satisfaction for pet owners

The Paw Tracker offers monthly subscription and lifelong replacement
A fresh GPS tracker designed for canine owners by owners allows real-time tracking of lost pets and more, all within a lightweight package that�s controlled by an app available for Android and iOS devices.
The Paw Tracker, which launched at the end of 2015, weighs only 40 grams and is also waterproof and shockproof. Using a battery life all the way to 72 hrs, it automatically logs GPS data at intervals starting from Ten seconds to at least one hour. Users can set a number of different types of notifications, including one that alerts them in the event the device moves outside of the array of a specific Wi-Fi network the other that notifies them in the event the device moves outside a particular geographical area.

Pet GPS Tracker

Something that sets The Paw Tracker apart may be the service the company offers, based on founder and CEO Daniel Bagwell.
�We don�t are interested in an item,� he was quoted saying, �we want to create a long lasting relationship with customers. The $7.99 monthly subscription fee covers all data usage, and we�re the sole company which offers lifetime replacing of the tracker hardware. GPS technologies have evolved to the point that each animal owner are able to gain access to it, and that�s portion of our mission.�
Bagwell, who founded the company with Scott Roberts, is excited about the product partly just because a decade ago he lost his beloved pit bull puppy, Moonshine. Even with a microchip and days of searching, the dog wasn't found.
�I can't let you know simply how much I wished this sort of technology was available in the past,� he was quoted saying.
Losing a cat and don't having the capacity to think it is again is surprisingly common, even during age of microchip identification and ubiquitous technology. Only 26 percent of dogs who can be found in to shelters are strays are reunited using their owners, and much less than 5 % of stray cats in shelters are returned for their owners. And several in the animals in shelters wind up euthanized, with 1.2 million dogs and 1.4 million cats facing that fate each and every year.
Section of the problem is the a huge number of local shelters and humane societies are independent, with no national organization in which to share with you data. Using the rise of affordable, tiny GPS trackers, however, canine owners can depend on technology which they control to locate pets, Bagwell said. And as GPS trackers evolve, the company will update the hardware for purchasers free of charge.
�Our GPS tracker gives customers peace of mind understanding that they could always find where their pet is, by employing a simple app,� he was quoted saying.
Because of the device�s small size and weight, quite a few to monitor nearly any animal by clipping these devices to a animals collar. It's also utilized to track the location of your car, or can be attached with a backpack so concerned parents know where their children are when walking at home to school and back.
�The set up is suitable for monkeys and horses, but can provide for almost any animal, and it can supply in a wide variety of ways that we couldn�t possibly list them,� Bagwell said.
More details in regards to the Paw Tracker can be acquired at

Pet GPS Tracker


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